Tonight we saw Stephen Colbert in conversation with Ken Burns, followed by a book signing.  It must have been a fairly unusual event for him, because a lot of his senior staff (executive producers, writers, production directors, etc.) as well as his wife attended too.

He was his real self tonight, instead of the character he plays on the show.  He did some amazingly spot-on impressions (Reagan, Bush, Scalia), which is something his character never does, and answered a lot of questions about his life and show.

He was also promoting his new book.  It’s about how “America has the greatest history in the history of history, and the greatest future in the history of the future, it’s just the present that sucks and always has.”  It’s also about “Why America is perfect and how we can fix it.”

Afterward at dinner and on the bus back to our apartment we took turns reading it to each other.  It’s really really funny.

  1. Camera: Olympus E-M5
  2. Aperture: f/2
  3. Exposure: 1/50th
  4. Focal Length: 26mm
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    i was there tonight! i got my book signed as well. unfortunately my phone camera fucked up so none of my pictures came...
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    The man on the right is his security/bodyguard. He’s at every show.
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